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For reliable window tinting services in Canterbury

When it comes to window tinting services, you can trust that the team at First Glass Tinting has you covered. We offer a range of domestic, commercial, security and decorative tinting options, so not only are you getting the best advice, but you'll also be spoilt for choice. If you're interested in checking out our vehicle tinting solutions, you can find out more on the next page. Visit or call us in Canterbury for more information.
Family happy with window tinting services in Canterbury

Commercial tinting

There's nothing worse than trying to work on a summer's day with the hot sun shining straight out you. Make sure your employees are looked after and have a First Glass Tinting expert take care of the tinting at your commercial business in Canterbury. Not only will it make for a more comfortable work place, but it offers you the privacy you need.

Domestic tinting

At First Glass Tinting, we cater to all the domestic tinting needs at your home. Home tinting is becoming more and more popular (if not necessary) because it protects your house from harsh sunlight, looks great and can make for a more liveable setting. Speak to our window tinting experts today.

Decorative films

While window tinting can have a very important practical purpose, sometimes you do need to be able to choose something that has a good look too. We're sure you'll find something in our great range of decorative film products to improve the look of your windows or glass. Call us for more information.

Safety and security films

First Glass Tinting also offers a range of security and safety film services, perfect for homes and businesses. Don't risk having an accident at your place of business, and give yourself peace of mind with a reliable, near unbreakable glass window. Speak to First Glass Tinting in Canterbury for all your window tinting needs.
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